(Hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall protect personal information of the subject of information pursuant to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act, and in order to facilitate the handling of such complaints promptly and smoothly, Establish | Public.

Article 1 Purpose of Processing Personal Information

The Company processes personal information for the following purposes: The personal information being processed is not used for purposes other than the following purposes, and if the purpose of use is changed, we will implement necessary measures such as obtaining consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

1. Homepage membership and management

Membership confirmation | Identification and authentication based on membership service provision | Membership maintenance and management | Confirmation of identity by enforcement of restricted person identification system | Preventing illegal use of services | Confirmation of the legal representative's consent for the processing of personal information of children under the age of 14 | Notices and Notices | We process personal information for the purpose of grievance processing.

2. Provision of goods or services

Shipping | Service Offerings | Contracts and invoices | Content Provided | Providing customized services | Personal authentication | Age verification | Payment / Settlement | We process personal information for the purpose of collecting the bonds.

3. Handling complaints

Confirm the identity of the complainant | Confirmation of Complaint | We handle personal information for the purpose of contacting, notifying, and notifying the result of the investigation.

Article 2 Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information

The company holds personal information that is agreed upon when collecting personal information from the period of possession or use of personal information or information subject to statute. Process personal information within the period of use | It holds.

Each personal information processing and retention period is as follows.

1. Homepage Membership and Management | Until the homepage leaves

However, if it falls under any of the following grounds,
- Investigation in violation of related laws | If the investigation is in progress, the investigation | Until the end of the survey
- Bonds by using the website | If the debt remains, the bond | Until settlement of debt

2. Goods or services provided | Completion of supply of goods and services and bill payment | Until settlement

However, if it falls under any of the following grounds,

- Records relating to transactions such as labeling, advertising, contract contents and implementation in accordance with the "Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce etc."

- Records on advertising and advertising | June

- Supply records of contract or withdrawal, payment, goods, etc. | 5 years

- Records of consumer complaints or disputes handling | 3 years

- Storage of communication confirmation data in accordance with Article 41 of the 「Communication Confidentiality Protection Act」

- Subscriber telecommunication date and time, start and end time, counterpart subscriber number, frequency of use, location of originating base station | 1 year

- Computer communication, Internet log, Access log | 3 months

- Storage of identification information pursuant to Article 29 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, etc. 6 months after posting information on bulletin board

Article 3 Third party provision of personal information

The Company shall treat personal information of the information subject only within the scope specified in Article 1, Purpose of Personal Information. We will only provide personal information to third parties if they fall under Articles 17 and 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, including special provisions of law.

Article 4 Consignment of personal information processing

The Company consigns the following personal information processing tasks for smooth personal information business processing.

1. All business including electronic settlement payment and payment settlement

- Trustee | KK INICIS | KG Mobilians | KDB (Hyundai | Lotte | KB | BC | Samsung | Shinhan | Forex | Hana SK | Citi | Nonghyup | Gwangju | Jeonbuk | Jeju | Paypal | Bank of Shinhan Bank and Naver Pay account - Contents of commissioned work | Payment processing (mobile phone, bank transfer, account transfer, credit card, gift certificate and other payment method, refund account authentication)

2. All work for delivery of order goods

- Trustee | CJ Korea Express - contents of commissioning work | Logistics services such as service goods and event prizes delivery

3. ID | Forgot your password

- Trustee | NICE Evaluation Information Co., Ltd., Escai Evaluation Information Co., Ltd., KG Mobilians Co., Ltd., Dream Security Co., Ltd. - Contents of commissioned work | identification

The company prohibits the processing of personal information for the purpose of carrying out the consignment business pursuant to Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act when concluding the contract. Technical and administrative safeguards | Restricted Restrictions | Management and supervision of trustee | And liability for damages, etc., in documents such as contracts, and supervises whether the trustee handles personal information securely.

If the contents of the consignment service or the fiduciary is changed, we will disclose it through this personal information processing policy without any delay.

Article 5 Rights of Information Entities | Duties and Methods

The information subject may exercise the right of privacy of the company at any time with respect to the company.

1. Personal information request
2. If there is an error,
3. Delete request
4. Process stop request

The exercise of rights pursuant to Paragraph 1 is subject to the provisions of the Form 8 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act, Email | FAX, etc., and the Company will take action without delay.

In the event that the information subject has requested correction or deletion of personal information, the company will not use or provide the personal information until the correction or deletion is completed.

The exercise of rights under Paragraph (1) may be done through the legal representative of the information entity or the agent who has been delegated. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney according to Form 11 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 6 Personal information items to be processed

The company handles the following personal information items.

1. Homepage membership and management

- Required Items | Name | Date of Birth | ID | Password | Address | Phone number | Sex | Email Address

2. Provision of goods or services

- · Required Items | Name | Date of Birth | ID | Password | Address | Phone number | Email Address | Credit Card Number | Billing information including bank account information

3. During the course of using the Internet service, the following personal information items may be automatically generated and collected.

· IP address | Cookies | MAC address | Service usage history | History | Bad record

Article 7 Destruction of personal information

The Company has passed the period of personal information retention | When personal information becomes unnecessary, such as accomplishing the processing purpose, we will destroy the personal information without delay.

If personal information has to be preserved in accordance with other laws and regulations despite the expiration of the agreed period of personal information from the information subject or the fulfillment of the purpose of processing, transfer the personal information to a separate database (DB) .

Procedures and methods of personal information destruction are as follows.

1. Destruction procedure

The Company shall select the personal information that caused the reason for destruction, and destroy the personal information with the approval of the company's personal information protection officer.

2. Destruction method

Company records in electronic file format | The stored personal information destroys the record so that it can not be played, Stored personal information is destroyed by crushing or incinerating.

Article 8 Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information

The Company takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.

1. Administrative action | Establishment and execution of internal management plan, training of regular staff, etc.

2. Technical measures | Management of access rights such as personal information processing system, installation of access control system, encryption of unique identification information, installation of security program

3. Physical measures | Access control of computer room, data storage room, etc.

Article 9 Person in Charge of Personal Information Protection The Company is responsible for the handling of personal information, and has designated the person responsible for personal information protection as follows for the complaint handling and damage relief of information related to personal information processing.

Privacy Officer

Name | Annie Tape

Phone | +82-31-292-8950

Mail |

In the event that you use the service or business of the company, Complaint Processing | You can contact the person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge of matters related to relief. The company will answer and handle inquiries of the information subject without delay.

If you need to report or consult about other personal information infringement, you can contact the following organizations.

Privacy Infringement Notification Center (

Cyber ​​Investigation Department of Supreme Prosecutors' Office (

Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the National Police Agency (

Article 10 Change of Personal Information Processing Policy

This privacy policy is effective from 01.01.15.

The previous privacy policy can be found below.