Environmental Management Policy

ANYTAPE is a manufacturer and supplier of special eco-friendly adhesive tapes for industrial use.
Based on our management philosophy of "Contribute to customers and society by providing the best products and services through human-centered environmental management,
" we recognize the environment as an important idea of corporate management and practice the followings to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.


Environmental Management Policy 01

Establish and maintains environmental management system to minimize environmental impacts
in all activities from product development to manufacturing, sales and service.

Environmental Management Policy 02

Establish stringent in-house management standards to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental Management Policy 03

Establish and implement environmental goals and relevant detailed targets
to pursue continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Environmental Management Policy 04

Promote pollution prevention and improvement activities based
on the systematic inspection activities and the 3R (Reduce, Recuse, Recycle) movement.

Environmental Management Policy 05

Conduct systematic education and training to prompt all executives and employees
to understand and actively participate in the environmental system.

Environmental Management Policy 06

Ensure transparency and reliability of environmental management
by disclosing environmental policies and environmental management information to our interested parties.